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Former Catholic high school gym teacher was...

Oct 23, 2014No Comments3587 Views

A former Catholic high school gym teacher was […]

Humor: Asking 200 Girls For Sex

Sep 28, 2014No Comments1626 Views

We’ve all thought about it, walking up to […]

No WONDER why she's a VIRGIN.. eek..

May 10, 20124 Comments909 Views

Stats show that a woman ‘gives it up’ […]

What Makes Men Sexy?

Apr 28, 20125 Comments1326 Views hits the Las Vegas Strip to […]

Sex-Deprived Male "Flies" to the B...

Mar 17, 2012No Comments584 Views

If you know anything about the human brain, […]


Feb 29, 20122 Comments781 Views

32-year-old LA County teacher arrested for sex with […]

What's Really on Mens Minds?

Dec 02, 20114 Comments845 Views

Finally, some proof that men don’t have a […]

We're mad that you're NOT mad!

Nov 25, 20113 Comments812 Views

Shame on you Sara Leal for not being […]

Sex Out of Obligation

Nov 17, 20113 Comments993 Views

New survey found 60 percent of women have […]

Cain Update 11/3/11

Oct 31, 20111 Comment808 Views

Update: 11/3/11 A third woman has come forward […]