She Robbed Banks Then Tax Payers

May 25, 2012

Brian Banks was on track of becoming a football star. At age 16 he verbally accepted a football scholarship with USC.

But all that changed due to a lying 15 year old self center bitch. Wanetta Gibson accused Banks of raping her at school, Polytechnic High in Long Beach. Gibson was awarded 1.5 million dollars after she sued her school. After five years in prison Banks was free, sort of. He had to wear a tracking anklet and register as a sex offender. Checking facebook one day he accepted a friend request from Gibson who wanted to meet with Banks and help him clear his name. She said she felt sorry for him and wanted to help him BUT only if she didn’t have to give back all the money (she stole from tax payers).
Stories of greed, lies and fraud that ruined young mens’ lives make my blood boil. We need to follow this story closely and wherever Wanetta Gibson goes someone should be there to make her life hell. She took a promising career away from a young man then capitalized on it because she is a piece of worthless trash with dollar signs for eyes and evil in her soul.


  1. Of course it’s not about race. But it IS about gender. Why isn’t the prosecutor going after her for ruining this man’s life? He is entitled to all the money she was awarded and then some for false imprisonment. In most states, even if she was an adult, she would only be charged with "filing a false police report’ and sentenced to 30 days in jail–if convicted. However, the settlement money, that’s fraud. she should be going to jail, wouldn’t you say?

  2. I feel sick. A promising career snatched away. What power a lying 15 year old has. She needs to be brought up on charges.

  3. Tax payers deserve answers. Banks got screwed and us tax payers got ripped off.

  4. I hope he sues her and gets the money. So sad but i’m sure we don’t know what was in her mind. Maybe trying to hide what happened from her parents and couldn’t come clean. There is ALWAYS more to the story than we hear.

  5. This is a hideous example of the damage a lie can do to an innocent person. Not that many years ago a young woman could have her reputation ruined by a scorned man who claimed falsely that they’d slept with her. People believed it, and the girl was no considered "marriage material" because men wanted virgins. This was true right up until the early 80’s in this country, and is still true in much of the world. A lie is a lie is a lie, and it’s terrible no matter who tells it.

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