April 8, 2015

rolling stone uva frat

The Rolling Stone is a reckless publication that condones and encouraged flawed journalism. They managed to defame Phi Kappa Psi at Virginia, its brothers and the University.   This happened because the “they” in this story is a reporter, Sabrina Rubin Erdely, who decided she would write a piece on campus rape, regardless of the facts. She set a premise that rape was happening, read various reports, and found one perfect victim with a story, and printed it. What is astounding is that she claimed she did not seek interviews because she did not want to further victimize her source. Even though, her source lied, the rape did not occur, and Ms. Erdely failed to interview anyone from the fraternity.   This was undeniably also a colossal failure on the part of her editors. Because they wanted the same story; they wanted a feminist cover story. They acted not as editors and gatekeepers of honest journalism, but rather as collaborators in the lie, without backbone or courage.   And now they will not lose their jobs. Editor Jann Wenner is a wimp. The editors giggled in interviews that they were wrong. And, Sabrina Rubin Erdely sent out a note saying she was sorry. She apologized to everyone except the victims—the boys who were accused.   It is all so soft, and flexible, and detached. They did the wrong thing. They created a story to make a point that fit their worldview. They wanted the source to be a victim, even if they had to create her.  They should hand in their notebooks, and giggle their way to the unemployment line. And Jann Wenner should sell the damn magazine to some responsible owner, who cares about the only thing that actually matters: THE TRUTH!

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