Mother Made Sex Tape with 16 Year Old Son

May 2, 2012

Mother Mistie Atkinson ‘made sex tape with her son, 16, and sent him naked photos of herself’

| Mail Online

Police in California said the 16-year-old had videos on his cell phone that showed his mother Mistie Atkinson performing oral sex on him.

Mail Online Reports:

A mother has been charged with incest after she was found in hotel room with her teenage son along with videos of them having sex. Police said the 16-year-old had videos on his cell phone that showed his mother Mistie Atkinson performing oral sex on him. They also recovered nude photographs the 32-year-old had sent her son as she began the illicit relationship earlier this year. The boy, who lives with his father who has sole custody, was aware Atkinson was his biological mother.

Court records do not reveal how much contact the teen had with his mother before they began their affair. But investigators said Atkinson had no custody rights to the boy.


  1. Lock her up and throw away the key.

  2. The mom is old enough to have played the game "Mother May i?’ when she was growing up.. She should have taught her ‘son’ to get permission to take 10 steps back out of the hotel room.. this story is effin disgusting.


  4. If this was a man who sexually assaulted his daughter this story would go viral. Public outcry for his head would be the top trends.

  5. This is so disgusting and I hope they never let her out. There should be a public outcry.

  6. Parents, children and sex don’t really belong together in the same sentence, yet the stats on how many fathers rape daughters and repeatedly molest their sons is staggering. When a mother does it everyone goes nuts, as we should, but it’s rare compared to the number of men who use their own children for sex.

  7. Babies having babies. Never a good idea. She was 16 when she had him, and obviously didn’t get the parenting or life skills she needed to raise a child successfully. This kid is going to need counseling for the rest of his life.

  8. I agree with shrinkrapper and the doctor. I believe All parents who violate their children or other children should go to prison as these innocent young lives will never be the same. And they stripped their innocence away! I know I have a very strong belief in this topic as I also believe those who are convicted of rape should be ordered to go under medical procedure to never be able to perform such act!

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