Is This Justice?

October 11, 2012

This ruling by the State Supreme Court is incredible. Watch the video. Decide for yourself.


  1. yup .. can;t make money from this guy .. let him out and let him destroy another life .. lawyers just playing with people’s lives .. what do they care .. it’s not their family .. they need guys like this low life so that he does screw up again and the lawyers have a client .. its a joke .. how much money did the lawyer defending this guy make .. and who payed for it .. lets get to the real issue here.. ive said this time and time again .. lawyers need some accountability ..

  2. Talk about government losing sight of it’s priorities. If this predator attacks again then the supreme court should be held as accomplices.

  3. @Coldplay .. this is exactly what i’m talking about .. this is where a lot of the problems stem from .. no accountability.. it’s all smoke and mirrors .. the majority of the population are ignorant of these kinds of white collar crimes .. it’s manipulation of the moral compass and worst .. a cancer that is allowed to fester within our society ..

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