Innocence Proven! Thanks DNA.

April 30, 2012

Colorado DNA program’s first success: convicted murderer exonerated –

Robert Dewey, who was convicted in 1996 for the rape and murder of Jacie Taylor, is likely to walk free on Monday after DNA testing exonerated him.

“He’s overwhelmed, extremely excited; he’s anxious”

Another man exonerated by DNA evidence. I believe our justice system does a good job capturing and convicting guilty people but it breaks my heart to see a man jailed for 18 years. Robert Dewey was a loner, outsider and easy to convict but now as he tastes freedom police may be on the trail of the true rapist and murderer. I support the Innocence Project and other organizations working hard to right our justice systems’ wrong.


  1. So sorry it took 18 years but glad hes exonerated and has a happy life ahead.

  2. Some states actually are paying large sums of money to people that have been wrongly incarcerated for many years, in an effort to provide some restitution for their errors. I wonder if Colorado is doing that, and how much they would deem 18 years of his life wrongfully behind bars to be worth??

  3. 18 years of a mans life taken away from him due to our legal system failing him! It’s a shame and devastating that an innocent man was accused of a horrific crime that he did not do! His life will not be the same and no amount of money can make up for that!

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