March 4, 2012

Florida Man Gets 15 Years in Prison After Beating Wife In Judge’s Chambers – ABC News

A Florida ex-marine accused of breaking his wife’s nose and jaw in a judge’s chambers was sentenced to 15 years in prison Friday afternoon.

An ex-Marine is ordered to pay child support, he flies into a rage and savagely beats his wife right in front of the judge, in the judge’s chambers.The guy also threatened to take his kids “and no one would see them again.” His lawyer argued for leniency, saying he suffered post-traumatic stress and other psychiatric issues. So the wife beater goes to prison for 15 years. What happens when he gets out? And why weren’t precautions taken before this happened? Pretty scary..


  1. 15 years is a long time, people change. He has an uphill battle lying ahead, lets hope he get the treatment he deserves.

  2. The one who is now suffering PTSD is the poor wife! This guy had an anger problem well before he wnet into the military, according to his family members. He should be locked away for life, before he kills someone or hurts another person. His children and ex-wife will never be safe as long as he can be released from prison.

  3. It’s not long enough if you’re his ex or his kids, or the jucge the sentenced him, or the cop that arrested him. There’s a huge recidivism rate for people like this, and then we wonder why there are so many murderers who are out on parole and we cry when cops and women kids are shot by unrepentant exes. This jerk could get paroled and be out in three years because of prison overcrowding.

  4. This isn’t PDS he had it before service. He is a sick guy and I hope he gets help but have a feeling his anger will fester for 15 years and he will be worse when he get out. Hate to say it but hope someone takes care of him first.

  5. I personally cant fathom the idea of touching my girl. I am meant to keep her away from danger not be the cause. hope he gets his ass kicked in jail

  6. Control your temper. I don’t care the military screwed your mind up, you never lose control like this. Treatment is available so grow up and ask for help.

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