GOP Change of Heart?

November 9, 2012

The electorate has changed. This is clear from the election results, especially with regard to the Hispanic vote. Connie Rice was on the CBS Morning News Friday morning, explaining that the Republican Party needs to realize this moving forward, and try to appeal to the new America. So in other words, since the team is obviously made up of a more diverse citizen pool, it’s time to change their policy and position towards immigration reform. Even Sean Hannity says he is “rethinking” his view towards immigration, and that it has “evolved”. Really?

In other words, the GOP is now willing to change their ideology in order to win next time. But that’s not what’s in their collective heart. They simply want to win, and so, as usual, they are willing to modify their stance and say whatever the American people seem to want to hear. If I believed for a moment that they really experienced a group epiphany with regard to their views towards immigrants, legal or not, I might give them a second chance. But I don’t. I don’t believe a word they say. I do believe they’ll say anything to win in 2016.

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