Did the Time, Not the Crime

May 26, 2012

He was 17, about to go on full football scholarship to USC. A girlfriend claims he raped her. Brian Banks is advised to take a plea, and goes to prison for five years. But, he knows, he did not do it.

Six years later, Wanetta Gibson admits she lied. She collected 1.5 million in civil awards, and did not want to lose the cash. Banks gets cleared by a court and a project of students who uncover his innocence. He goes through the hell of misrepresentation, five years incarcerated and placed on a sex offenders list, even wore an ankle GPS.

So what of Ms. Gibson. Nowhere to be found–will the state prosecute her? Anyone want to bet on it?


  1. She is the epitome of a GHETTO PIG.. she takes the money and run while he spent time in the klink for a crime he never committed.. if it were the other way around the courts would have DEMANDED that he return the money and do community service..

  2. Prosecutors have already said it is unlikely they will prosecute her. Not for perjury–not even for filing a false police report. And she gets to keep the money? All that money should be awarded to him for the hell he’s been through. What’s wrong with that?

  3. While this broad was spending HER time spending all this funny money – CLEARLY not on dieting or at the salon – Brian Banks was spending HIS time behind bars for a crime he didnt commit and his career outcome was jeopardized. It is unfortunate the woman will not be prosecuted.

  4. That is so unfair to everyone except Ms Gibson. She should and hopefully will be charged with filing a false report, lying under oath and stealing from insurance company with false claim. Post her picture everywhere.

  5. Why can’t we as a civilized society correct this problem? She committed a crime, what is stopping the next teenager from lying and collecting cash?

  6. Ms. Gibson should be hunted down like a dog. What a piece of trash.

  7. If the state doesn’t, the insurance company sure as hell should. And if I was a lawyer, you’d better believe I’d take his case pro bono and do my best to throw the book at this woman. What a danger to our society!

  8. This is a clear case of fraud, and she should be thrown in the slammer.

  9. This is all too common. Women lie all the time about date rape and being victims because that’s their perception of what happened – and a women’s perception is always the truth. Except that it was a lie. Think this is an isolated incident? Hardly! String her up – she should get 25 years to life and have to give him ALL the money! And any women who lies about being raped–should do the time he would have been doing. This REALLY pisses me off!

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