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Former Catholic high school gym teacher was...

Oct 23, 2014No Comments3552 Views

A former Catholic high school gym teacher was […]

300 Days For Lip Service

Oct 22, 2014No Comments3174 Views

Judge Gary Bennett of Elyria, Ohio is a […]


Sep 25, 20141 Comment3660 Views

What an excellent response to Emma Watson and […]

Women Are Depreciating Assets

Aug 13, 20142 Comments1672 Views

Tom Leykis nails it.

Crazy Lady Keys Truck

Aug 13, 20141 Comment1414 Views

I know you’re mad but get over it. […]

Resources for Great Dads

Aug 08, 2014No Comments1001 Views

Sometimes even the best of us Fathers need […]

What Would You Do?

Aug 07, 2014No Comments1369 Views

Police say a Daytona Beach father beat an […]