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Hey White Guys

Sep 24, 20125 Comments859 Views So many leftists see something like the […]

It's Like Annoying!

Sep 20, 20123 Comments597 Views

It’s like really annoying to hear people like […]

Violence Against Women or Passion?

Sep 19, 20124 Comments735 Views

Is domestic violence in Vogue?! DAILY SHOT 9/19/12 […]

4th Grade Teacher Charged with Assault

Sep 06, 20124 Comments598 Views

Teacher charged with assault after breaking into fiancĂ©’s […]

Worst Woman of the Week

Sep 06, 20123 Comments605 Views The MSN Video Team The MSN […]

All Men Are Potential Pedophiles

Aug 22, 20121 Comment649 Views

All Men Are Potential Pedophiles in the Eyes […]

Manual Castration

Jun 06, 20125 Comments915 Views

Woman charged with malicious CASTRATION for ‘splitting open […]

Breastfeeding In Uniform?

May 31, 201211 Comments1375 Views

Terran Echegoyen McCabe And Christina Luna, Military Moms, […]

Good Samaritans?

May 25, 20128 Comments1013 Views Man Passes Out & Is Beaten & […]

Divorce: No Fault or Your Fault?

May 24, 20124 Comments1565 Views No-fault divorce is a divorce in which […]