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Aug 16, 20112 Comments668 Views

learn to use the toilet seat

Aug 12, 20113 Comments586 Views

Learn to work the toilet seat. If it’s […]

Pretty Girls In Bunny Suits

Aug 12, 2011No Comments453 Views

KIFI dedicated a considerable portion of a recent […]

Angry man chops off wife's hands

Aug 12, 2011No Comments265 Views

he was mad Aug 12, 2011, 06.51AM IST […]

Troubled Career

Aug 12, 2011No Comments567 Views

hi jorge/joey i am posting this as an […]

Recognizing Women Abusers

Aug 12, 20112 Comments528 Views

The usual picture of the abuse victim from […]

Mitt Out Of Touch

Jan 01, 1970No Comments444 Views

Free Speech?

Jan 01, 1970No Comments553 Views