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Working Moms & Dignity

Apr 15, 20126 Comments1332 Views First of all, I’m going to say […]

No Sperm For You!

Apr 12, 20127 Comments890 Views

Bro-Choice – The Daily Show with Jon Stewart […]

Newt & the Mandate

Mar 31, 20121 Comment659 Views In case you missed it in 2008 […]

How Much Is Too Much?

Mar 19, 2012No Comments401 Views

How Much Is Too Much? And where are […]

Matt Lauer's Quick Recovery

Mar 08, 20123 Comments516 Views

Matt Catches His Own Eye-Roll Just In Time […]

Separation Not Absolute?

Feb 27, 20123 Comments612 Views Santorum said he does not believe in […]

Still a Stud Spud at 60

Feb 24, 20122 Comments619 Views

Mr. Potato Head turns 60 – CBC News […]

If Santorum Wins, Women Lose

Feb 10, 20121 Comment521 Views

Rick Santorum amplifies faith in way GOP rivals […]

Make His Day Karl

Feb 08, 2012No Comments452 Views

Halftime in America should be the GOPs theme […]

Mitt's Gaffe Riot

Feb 02, 20121 Comment533 Views

Mitt Romney makes gaffe on poor after Florida […]