Anti-Woman Propaganda

October 16, 2012

As men, we should be outraged, and we are, whenever there is this kind of propaganda against men or women. Watch the video and judge for yourself. Is contraception bad for the world? Does it cause men to no longer want to mate? Are the makers of this video insane?


  1. This is absolutely insane. Are we a tribe of monkeys? What are men to do? Poor things, perhaps they should choose mates from a tribe of monkeys! Somehow I believe that adult men will find a way to sate their need for sex with a few of those immodest, wine-drinking, lipstick-wearing harlots who we think of as normal, healthy, and contraceptive-taking American women. This is just outrageous.

  2. What about the music?

  3. This Kool-Aid smells funny, better not drink it.

  4. Why did Austin the monkey get 3 babes at a time and then turn to blowing other males? I’m confused…must be the contraceptives.

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